Irene Neal

Irene Neal


Irene Neal, American Contemporary Artist. Lives and works in Merritt Island, Florida. “She works in a tradition of large size freeform abstraction, originating with Jackson Pollock, the Abstract Expressionists, and the Color Field Painters. She reinterprets this tradition by means of a new, state -of the-art, acrylic paints and gels, which have undergone an extraordinary development in recent years. In these free form abstract paintings, Irene Neal aspires to the brilliant accident, the miraculous frozen moment in the flow of paint. Working experimentally with new materials, she has had to improvise her own unique "craft:" ways of organizing herself to paint; mixing and applying colors so as to keep them clear and vibrant....whether on canvas, wood, plastic or paper, Neal shows herself to be a master painter.” - Kenworth W. Moffett, Irene Neal catalog, 2001. Coopers Classics Collection, New York City.



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